Christmas 2015

I didn’t get to get a Christmas photo of our little Okie, but I got his sister (our oldest Okie).


Of course we have the “forced” smile … she was so funny taking these.
Of these, this is my fav.


She decorated the mini-tree all by herself. She actually set the tree up, pulling out the branches … she was so proud of herself that I just left it the way she did it.

Summer & Fall 2015

These are the pictures I took & edited of my grandkids last summer. Our oldest Okie, did great when it came to posing & taking the shots. Our youngest Okie … well, he had other ideas in mind. But I still got some great shots of him!!


Of all the photos I took of her at this time these are my fav. I can never decide which I like better!

ballgown_faceshot3     giggling_cowgirl2

As you can see, chasing around a 2yr old with a camera can be interesting. These are my fav photos of him.


I call this one “Really?!?” It is proudly hanging on my wall, because it definitely suits this little Okie’s personality.